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5 Things that can increase the value of your property

Published 5th December, 2019

Some of them may not be so obvious or need to incur a huge expense. Here are five things that can increase the value of a property.

Loft Extensions

The space already exists in your house, so just make it habitable! An extra bedroom is an easy win for any property to add value. It’s a great place to create a master suite with a wow factor, the adult space away from the main bedrooms. Being on the top floor is the opportunity to add an amazing velux balcony window for the ultimate rooftop view.

Kerb appeal

This is a great way to add value on a budget. A new front door can work wonders to revamping the front of your home and really update it at the same time. It can be a statement or something more discreet but nonetheless, it will create an inviting welcome for anyone. At the same time don’t forget to spruce up any woodwork, tidy the lawn and hide those unsightly bins!


Open plan design is still very popular for buyers, the hub of the home, and knocking a wall down to create that feeling of space is still beneficial. However, just because it’s open plan, doesn’t mean the space only has one purpose, and helping to define areas help you and prospective buyers see how effectively the space can be used.

The best ways to achieve zoning is through a difference in flooring from tiling or wood through to carpeting. Secondly, different lighting zones are key, a bright more clinical light in the kitchen, with a softer light in the dining areas for example. Finally, using furniture and room dividers, is not only practical but helps define zones and their use too.

Apply for planning permission

Applying for planning permission, even if you are not going to actually extend the house yourself might sound crazy but its not! Getting approved for a fantastic extension to your home alongside some architect plans drawn up to visualise it can really help prospective buyers see the true potential of the property, and can add up to a whopping 10% in some areas. Remember that planning position is valid for 3 years from approval, and you never know, you may end up doing the extension yourself! 

Add an Ensuite

Adding an ensuite in a family home, is a guaranteed win. Allowing space for an ensuite creates a sense of hotel luxury. An ensuite don’t have to be big and often space can be taken from the master bedroom, hallway or spare room by putting up stud partitioning. Adding up to 5% in value, its practical and affordable whether you are considering selling or staying put.

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