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How to get your house ready to sell!

Last Updated 16/01/2024

Your marketing photos are the first glimpse of your property, so they need to look as good as possible! Here are some tips to help make your property look it’s best for when we arrive to take your pictures:

1. Declutter

Keeping your home tidy will allow viewers to see all of the space your property has to offer. A few helpful tips include: decluttering kitchen work tops, tidy away children’s toys, moving laundry, move shoes away from doors. We also recommend moving any personal items that you don’t want online.

2. Make your house bright

There is nothing better than natural light to help get the perfect photo. So, open all curtains and blinds! A sunny day is always helpful, however don’t worry if the sun isn’t shining, we will professionally edit our photos.

3. Maintain your garden

Although winter isn’t the best time to see your garden’s potential, it is always recommended to keep it maintained to show it off the best you can. Remember, the front garden is the first thing people will see when coming to view your property so keep it well presented.

4.Kitchens and Bathrooms

These are the most expensive rooms for a potential buyer to upgrade, keeping them clean and tidy will show them off best.
We recommend: ensuring any mould is removed from the bathroom, declutter toiletries, put the toilet seat down, put washing away, keep food in cupboards.

5. Pets

Although we love pets, they are not for everyone so removing any indication of them can help such as removing beds/crates, bowls, and toys.

When we visit your property, we are there to help so we will let you know if we think any last-minute changes could be made!