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EPC Ratings - All you need to know

Last Updated 16/03/2018

An Energy Performance Certificate is produced by an energy assessor and rates a property on a scale from A to G in terms of its capability to use energy efficiently.

How do I check my EPC Rating?

If your property has an EPC it can be found on the following website:

Select – ‘Retrieve report using property address on the right hand side.

What rating do I need?

All rental properties must have an EPC Rating of E or above. If your property is rated F or G in order for you to legally rent out your property you must first make improvements to the energy efficiency. There are no mininum requirements to sell your property however potential landlords will be looking for that all important E rating.

What are the cheapest & easiest ways to improve your rating?

1. Change your lights fittings to the most energy efficient versions
2. Top up your loft insulation –make sure it’s at least 270mm thick
3. Insulate cavity walls – this can have huge savings on energy bills

How can I further improve my rating?

1. Upgrade your heating – to a new gas condensing boiler
2. Window Glazing – upgrade to UPVD double glazed units
3. Choose Renewable energy – e.g. adding solar panels to your property.

From 1st April 2018 for all new tenancies (including renewals) the EPC rating must be E or above. Therefore in preparation it is worth checking your EPC Rating now!